the pill vs. the plant


Dr. Hodge says "Cannabis chose him". After breaking his neck in 2012 and having undergone two failed neck surgeries, Dr. Hodge soon found himself taking the same medications he was traditionally prescribing to his patients. Along with those medications, came harmful side effects. 

Dr. Hodge then began studying and researching the plant (MJ) which led to his discovery of its many benefits. He was able to ween himself from the harmful opioids and began treating himself with Medicinal Cannabis.  Realizing its many benefits and seeing how much the Cannabis helped with his pain, depression, sleep disorder and his recovery, he immediately began advocating for Medicinal Cannabis here in the state of GA, and educating his many patients who suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis, of its benefits and its ability to heal without the harmful side effects.

 Being a patient who suffers from chronic pain on a daily basis himself, he knows first hand of the help and healing that can come from utilizing cannabis for medicinal benefits. 

Dr. Hodge's ultimate goal is to aid and educate other Georgians who suffer from debilitating pain or other conditions, which may be alleviated with Medicinal Cannabis. 

Cannabis Educational Courses Coming Soon!

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