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"Premier Chronic Pain Care is an Institute where empathy and sympathy collide, so communication and healing can begin."

We Are Pleased To Announce

Our onsite physician, Dr. Rasean Hodge, is a registered physician with the Department of Public Health's Low THC Oil Registry Program.  Dr. Hodge is eager to certify all qualifying applicants for a Low THC Oil Card. Now, patients who suffer daily from Chronic Pain have options to Opioids!!

Becoming a Patient

  • Unfortunately, since Medicinal Cannabis has been made available to patients who suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, our office is not accepting any new paiteints at this time. Dr. Hodge is an Advocate for Medicinal Cannabis and has hopes of weening each of his patients off of the opioids.  While advocating for the legalization of  Medicinal Cannabis, he can no longer accept new patients who seek opioids for pain. 


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